Element Skateboards – A Brief History

Element Skateboards – A Brief History


Since becoming one of the top companies in the skateboarding industry, Element has created the Element Advocates. The group is made up of people that have the passion for skateboarding, and the positive attitude to mentor the younger generations of the world.

Along with being a positive influence to kids across the United States, the group aims to spread the knowledge and meaning of the skateboarding community to the rest of the world, in hopes of developing a greater understanding of the skateboarding life style.

Element skate boards are now carried by dealers all around the globe. There is even Element stores with locations in Honolulu, New York, and even Sydney, Australia. The company has even created a website exclusively for girls, with the entire site being dedicated more to the fashion of the skateboarding life style rather than the skating itself.

The Element Skate Boards company was created in 1992 by Johnny Schilereff. The company was started when Johnny was given the opportunity to take over the failing company, Underworld Element, for which he was currently employed.

Element skate boards also sponsors a wide variety of events throughout the year. With concerts, skate tours, team signings, barbeque contests, and skate demos being presented over the next few months alone, it is obvious that this company is doing its best to give communities a safe, healthy, and entertaining form of socialization … which is what the skateboarding world is all about.

In coalition with the YMCA, Element Skate Boards has created a skate camp for the youths of America. The camp gives children the opportunity to meet some of skateboarding’s biggest names. The children are also taught tips and tricks to improve their skate boarding skills.

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