Author: Julian E. Stackhouse

Hello brother, Introduce my name is Julian, I born in Australian and a skateboarder. I wrote this articles because i love it playing skateboard.

Extreme Sport For Beginners

Severe sports aren’t just for hardcore adrenaline junkies with years of experience. Normal people can participate the action and also taste the excitement. In fact, it’s never been simpler to attempt snowboarding, skies diving, or B.A.S.E. leaping. The rush is difficult to defeat, obviously. Yet there are a few other advantages as well. Extreme sporting…

By Julian E. Stackhouse January 18, 2019 0

The Reasons Why Human Like to Do Extreme Sports

There’s a historical presumption behind a lot of the study on severe professional athletes: “Clearly, something’s wrong with them.” That’s what Eric Brymer, a scientist at Leeds Beckett in the UK, has seen for most of his occupation. Why else would certainly anybody willingly participate in a task that is rather essentially specified by its…

By Julian E. Stackhouse November 12, 2018 0

Athletes that Donate Cash

Do rich athletes have a responsibility to donate back to the community? This is a hot topic that was being discussed at my local café today by a couple of sporting fans, It was interesting to listen to their commentary and hear their opposing points of view. At times I almost jumped in on the…

By Julian E. Stackhouse October 17, 2018 0

Element Skateboards – A Brief History

Skateboards Since becoming one of the top companies in the skateboarding industry, Element has created the Element Advocates. The group is made up of people that have the passion for skateboarding, and the positive attitude to mentor the younger generations of the world. Along with being a positive influence to kids across the United States,…

By Julian E. Stackhouse July 23, 2018 0

10 Great Surfing Locations In Australia

You still think location does not matter in surfing? Surfing is definitely alive in Oz and to increase the possibility of a wave coming as the winner; here are the 10 best Australian locations for surfing. This is 10 Great Surfing Locations In Australia. 1.  Melbourne, VIC. There is always that perfect spot for beginners, experts…

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