10 Great Surfing Locations In Australia

10 Great Surfing Locations In Australia

You still think location does not matter in surfing? Surfing is definitely alive in Oz and to increase the possibility of a wave coming as the winner; here are the 10 best Australian locations for surfing. This is 10 Great Surfing Locations In Australia.

1.  Melbourne, VIC.

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There is always that perfect spot for beginners, experts and kamikazes. Surf varieties from reef-rocky, point-break, and sand bar, you name it, and Melbourne has that perfect wave that you can call your own. You have Allisons for beginner surfers, Aspendale and Balnarring Point for all skill types and for the experts, you can gung-ho at Anzacs or Bare Butt beaches. Melbourne is a haven for all surf buffs and surfer’s will definitely find their own wave in this magnificent city.

2. Tasmania.

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Hear the waves beckoning you to put on your board shorts for all year round surfing! Tassie surfing gives you much of those uncrowded waves, and breathtaking breaks. Its southern-most beaches hold some of the biggest and heaviest waves in Australia. Bruny Island’s Cloudy Bay faces the Southern Ocean for those big ones, so does South Cape Bay where surfers carry their boards on a seven-kilometre (4.5-mile) bushwalk through the World Heritage area to reach this south coast beach.

3. The Whitsundays, QLD. 

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One of the best surfing destinations, the Whitsundays has 74 different islands that you can surf in. All are different in scenery, tide, wave and accommodation. Choose from the array of resorts in the variety of islands.

4. The Sunshine Coast, QLD.

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It’s a long stretch of coastline that will have more than just two resorts who would love to have you as their surfing guest. Choose from a 2 or 4 hour surfing lesson, or take a 2 day surfing trip that will absolutely give you all the tan and adrenalin rush you require.

5. Surfers Point, WA.

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A surfer’s dream place. The waves are so strong that they can go 500 meters in a good day and can be scary for beginners but absolute bliss for kamikazes!

6. Bondi Beach, NSW.

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This is possibly Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach is the beach that tourists, lifesavers, surfers and sun worshippers look forward to. Bondi is a perfect example of Sydney’s city beach tradition being only a few minutes’ drive from the city. You will also find the Bondi Surf Bathers, the oldest lifesaving club in Australia which was established in 1906.

7. Garie Beach, NSW.

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This beach is a famous family outing spot and is known for having the best surfing waves. The Garie Surf Life Saving Club helps give the public a secure and safe place to surf. The Garie Board riders have active followers of just over 100 participants and have been constantly running as a board riders club since 1978.

8. Noosa Heads, QLD.

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Noosa Heads’ highest attraction is its beaches and it’s known for surfing route. There’s a major surfing contest called Noosa Festival of Surfing that happens here and it attracts a large crowd.

9. Fingal Head, NSW.

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Fingal has been holding a yearly surfing contest since 1996 for native surfers. The first year of the event, it already fascinated 90 surfers from all over Australia. In 1999, SBS television made a documentary called Surfing the Healing Wave about that contest, as part of an Unfinished Business – Reconciling the Nation series. It won Best Australian Documentary at the 2000 Real Life on Film Festival.

10. Fairy Bower Beach, NSW.

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one of the few large wave surfing locations in Sydney and gives a long right hand wave breaking over the surface of the water.

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Australia is top ranked for surfing spots together with a select few of other top surfing countries all over the world! As you explore the sport of surfing, let the beauty of Oz’s beaches and famous spots join you and provide the perfect setting for you surfing trip.